Public Speaking

I am a funny speaker, not like a comedian, just funny like a guy who tells funny stories. My stories carry a strong message of faith and "You are Not Alone". I like to speak about my personal faith and my own experiences with both Hope and Fear which ultimately, I think, are the two forces behind most of our decisions.  Humor is the critical element for me. I like to relax the group with humor, which also serves to underscore our commonalities as people going through life and this allows me to develop enough trust with the group to touch on some pretty strong themes without a threatening or preachy tone. My presentations are entertaining, informative and sometimes quite moving.

I have made presentations to groups ranging from a small group of ten to rooms with hundreds of people. I am happy to talk at youth groups, schools, community service groups, recovery based groups, clubs, church groups or anyone that has decent coffee and a group of interested folks.

I can schedule speaking engagements that include large paid events, book signings, small groups, small group discussions or even school-based presentations. My fees are negotiable.

Contact me directly. I'd love to talk to you about your group.

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