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The Artwork — By Chris

Chris is a total trouble maker. Chris was born in Bogota, Colombia. From an early age, his family encouraged his creativity, giving him the tools to experiment with sculpture and painting. He went on to pursue an education in Fine Arts at the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY, including a final term spent honing his craft in Florence, Italy.

Chris and I met after he had done a show with my Dad (a fellow trouble maker artist). We are both pretty fancy guys, so we met upstairs at the Essen Cafeteria down there near Lower Manhattan on Varick Street (classy joint, you should check it out sometime). From there we hatched our plans (after we found somewhere to sit). It was great, we hit it off right from the first time we met. Chris and I have plans to make another book, a book about an angry Alligator but that's kind of a whole other thing.