OUR FATHER (IN OTHER WORDS) is an easy reflection on an important and iconic prayer. It makes a great little GIFT for yourself or someone you love!

The prayer has been important to me my whole adult life. Of course I first "learned" the prayer when I was a kid and memorized it in church. The words seemed weird. I thought "thy will" was a verb predicting you were going to be done and the prayer seemed disproportionately hung up on trespassing (which was fine since I usually stayed off of other people's property so I figured I was in the clear).

Over time I came to understand more about the prayer and I found strength in its words and comfort sometimes just in the routine of saying it. As I thought more and more about it, often while out on a long run, I began to play a game of saying the whole prayer using "other words" like in plain English. I found that really helped me deepen my appreciation for the prayer. This book is the result of those reflections.

The art is by Chris Georgalas. As you can immediately see, his work is striking and profound. I thought he would bring the perfect cast of characters to accompany these reflections.

The book is made up of Chris' art, my hand-written words and plenty of space for you to add your own. A perfect GIFT for someone or for yourself to enjoy and relax with.

About Me

I grew up in Brooklyn on Park Place in the house my parents still live in. After I fell in love, I got married and moved to Pennsylvania where I live now. I'm a regular guy, nobody would call me religious or scholarly. I wrote this book because the prayer has brought me strength when I needed it and comfort when I wanted it. I'm an aspiring long distance runner and the busy father of two amazing girls.

I'd love to know what you think of the book and what some of YOUR "other words" are. I'd also love to hear your story. How'd you get here? Drop me an email or fill out the contact form to tell me YOUR STORY so I can share it on our Facebook page or just to let me know what you think of the book!

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Public Speaking

I am a funny speaker, not like a comedian, just funny like a guy who tells funny stories. My stories carry a strong message of faith and "You are Not Alone". I like to speak about my personal faith and my own experiences with both Hope and Fear which ultimately, I think, are the two forces behind most of our decisions.  Humor is the critical element for me. I like to relax the group with humor, which also serves to underscore our commonalities as people going through life and this allows me to develop enough trust with the group to touch on some pretty strong themes without a threatening or preachy tone. My presentations are entertaining, informative and sometimes quite moving.

I have made presentations to groups ranging from a small group of ten to rooms with hundreds of people. I am happy to talk at youth groups, schools, community service groups, recovery based groups, clubs, church groups or anyone that has decent coffee and a group of interested folks.

I can schedule speaking engagements that include large paid events, book signings, small groups, small group discussions or even school-based presentations. My fees are negotiable.

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